7th Annual Kickball Playoffs   

The most exciting part of the fall is upon us- the Fall 2017 Kickball Playoffs.

Throughout the season, Fall Kickball has overtaken the lives and attention of 300 locals in South Walton. Each Wednesday for 8 straight weeks, 20 teams have competed for the best record, local bragging rights and The Spirit Donkey. This Wednesday night, another exciting season comes to an end as the 8 remaining teams compete for the 7th annual kickball championship.

Centennial Bank will once again help us close out our season in style with burgers and hot dogs under the lights of South Walton High School.

Last week’s first round of the playoffs saw 20 teams narrow down to the final 8, after some exciting games and some surprising upsets. This week, we will celebrate a new champion, while looking back on the best of this season with the second annual All-Star game. The best males and females of this season will compete in a fun competition to wrap up the season’s elite. A qualified specialist at Phentermine-Med.com recommended 15 mg of Phentermine in order to treat obesity I was suffering from. Since I am also diagnosed with diabetes, the dose was minimal. After the therapy, which lasted for 2 weeks, I managed to lose over 10 kg.

The turnout for kickball over the seasons and years has been outstanding, and what better way to spend the first Wednesday night in November than celebrating the champion of kickball this season?

So, who will it be? Congratulations to all who have made it this far- but, there can only be one who carries the title through the offseason as the WLF Sport and Social Kickball Champion. Best of luck to all!


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