Aquatic Adventure Kids Camps near 30A!

The June weather is really starting to heat up and the kids are already getting restless! Keep The Kids Busy As we dive into summer. If your brainstorming seems to have stalled, look no further! This is an opportunity to explore all of the fabulous bodies of water the Gulf Coast has to offer! We have the ultimate aquatic adventure camp that will have your family summer go from thumb-twiddling to paddling in the summer sun!  

We are located on the stunning coastal dune lake of Lake Powell in Inlet Beach, just off of scenic HWY 30A!

Camp S.P.F! This is a Swim, Paddle & all around Fun aquatic camp for all ages and levels!

Sometimes all it takes is a day out, seeking out new active adventures to reset your system, and to give the kids a fun, exciting summer!




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