Dodgeball Gameplay Rules


The maximum numbers of players on the field is 8 (5 men, 3 women); minimum number of players is 6 (4 men, 2 women). There are no limits to the number of females allowed on the court at one time. However, there cannot be more than 5 men on the field under any circumstance. Players that arrive late must wait until the next game begins to enter. Substitutions can only be made after the completion of a game, or in the case of injury. The first player out of that game would be the substitute. Teams may not substitute male for female.


The playing boundaries are a volleyball court, marked with sidelines, end-lines, and a center hash mark.


Prior to beginning a game, two 8″ dodgeballs are placed along the center line on each side of the center hash mark. One 7″ ball is given to each team. A standard game consists of two 7″ and two 8″ Gator Skin balls.
Players then take a position behind their end line and wait for the official’s whistle to begin play.
Following the whistle by the official, players are allowed approach the center line to retrieve the balls located on the center line. They are also fair game to be hit by their opponent who already has one ball in hand.


Will be called if players cross their end line prior to the official’s signal to start the game. Result: Play will be stopped and one ball from the middle will be given to the opponent. Repeat for each infraction (each team has the chance to get reset if they cross the line and the whistle has yet to be blown).


During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines. A player will be called out if any part of their foot crosses the center or side lines. This also goes for any body part touching the ground past the boundaries. A player may have one foot out of bounds at the back boundary only to grab a ball that is out of play. Two feet out of bounds is never permitted.
A player may be tossed a stray ball from out of bounds by a sidelined teammate, provided the player receiving the ball remains completely within his/her team’s field boundaries (ie, the player who is out may not cross the center court line to retrieve a ball for their team). A stray ball is one that has not been picked up and is lying on the ground. Players that are playing in the game may not retrieve a ball that is out of bounds, unless no one has gotten out and they have no substitutions. The ball becomes dead when it hits any wall, curtain, or basketball hoop.


Every player who is out (see “player out”) and is still in bounds will raise their hand over their head as they are exiting the playing field so that they are not targeted by the opposing team. Once a player is OUT, they must drop any balls in hand and exit the playing field at the nearest sideline. If an OUT player intentionally contacts a live ball before exiting the playing field, he/she will sit out the next game.

PLAYERS “OUT”: (An OUT is scored by:)

  1. A player hitting an opposing player with a ball which then proceeds to hit the ground.
    ***If a player runs up to line and touches opposing player with ball but does not release the ball, the opposing player will not be ruled out. All hits must be released.
  2. Catching a ball thrown by your opponent (opponent is out). Please note that a player DOES NOT come back in when this occurs.
  3. If a thrown ball deflects off the defender and is caught in bounds by a teammate, the defender is saved and the thrower is out.
  4. If a thrown ball hits multiple players before contacting the ground, they are all out.
  5. Causing an opponent to drop a held ball as a result of contact by a thrown LIVE ball (usually occurs when a ball is being used to block a thrown ball). A player may block a thrown ball with a ball being held, provided the held ball is not dropped as a result of the contact with the thrown ball.
  6. An opposing player stepping out of bounds
  7. Attacking player hitting an opposing player in the head with a high velocity ball.
**If a player ducks or takes a position with their head below where their shoulders would normally be when standing, i.e. crouching, kneeling, sitting, diving, rolling or laying, and this clearly is the cause for the player being hit in the head, the player is out and the throw is considered legal.

NOTE: A ball deflecting off a held ball and striking the holder is no longer a LIVE ball.

A PLAYER SHALL NOT: (Player will be declared out)

  1. Hit an opposing player in the head, unless the player is ducking, bending down, or it contacts another part of their body first.
  2. Have any part of their body contact the playing surface over a sideline or the center line.
  3. Stand behind the end line if they are out. One must stay to the sides.
  4. Leave the playing field to retrieve an errant ball, avoid being hit by, or attempt to catch a ball.
  5. Kick the ball
f. Excessively squeeze or compact the ball while attempting a throw



If a player(s) are deemed by the officiating staff to be holding a ball for the purpose of stalling, the officials will initiate a 5-second count. At this point, any player holding a ball at the onset of the countdown will have 5 seconds to either throw the ball or roll it to the opponents’ side. If the player does not release the ball across the mid-line after the countdown has been completed, that player will be called out.
If the 5-second count is initiated by an official, a player holding a ball may not reset the count merely by dropping the ball. It MUST cross the mid-line for it to count as getting rid of the ball.
If a player is holding two or more balls when the 5-second countdown is initiated, they are required only to throw one ball into the opponents’ court to reset the countdown.
Players on the sidelines are not permitted to hold the balls out of bounds – they must immediately roll the ball into the court of play.


Only an official can initiate a 5-second countdown and they will do so only when they deem a player(s) stalling to throw a ball.


The WLF Sport and Social Club will provide an official at each court. Arguing with the official call will get one removed from the game. No exceptions or warnings.


The WLF Sport and Social Club will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct by ANY player in the league. A player that is ejected twice during the season will be removed from the league.


In the event of a game ending with the same number of players on either side (on a double violation or after 5 minutes has elapsed), the game will go into “overtime.” The overtime period of any game will begin with three (3) players from each team (at least one girl). All overtime periods begin with each team having 2 “balls in hand.” The first team to eliminate any ONE opposing player will be declared the winner.


  1. Head to Head
  2. Point differential +/-
  3. Strength of Schedule
  4. Points/Sets Against