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What is Whole Life Fitness?

Whole Life Fitness was founded in Northwest Florida by Catherine Brannon and Brooke Brannon with the guiding motto: FIT MIND. FIT BODY. FIT IN. The independent organization’s mission is to create fitness-based activities offering strong physical, social and educational benefits for children and adults visiting and living on the Emerald Coast. Programs currently include swimming and water-safety lessons by American Red Cross-certified Water Safety Instructors. It doesn’t matter what type of fitness you are in to, you FIT IN with Whole Life Fitness.

Along with expanding the fitness and swimming programs WLF plans to build on the FUN aspect of fitness. WLF includes a kickball league, events and other social experiences that utilize the beautiful and abundant natural resources of the Emerald Coast.

Meet Our Friendly Staff



Ms. Catherine
Co-Founder & Aquatics Director

Core values: 
Positive energy, humor, warmth and honesty

How would she help change the world? 
With compassion, acceptance, Mrs. Catherine cookies and a NEMO HAT!

Don’t let the NEMO hat fool you! Mrs. Catherine means business when it comes to swim and pool safety. Catherine received her BS in nursing from University of Memphis School of Nursing in Memphis, Tennessee. Simultaneous with her 25+ year career as an ICU, CCU, Pediatric and Emergency Medicine nurse, she founded Blowing Bubbles Swimming in 1981 which was an instructional aquatics program designed primarily for infants and adolescents ranging in ages from 2 months up to 16 years. Catherine did all this while being a loving mother of 4 children.

During the programs 25+ years history, Ms. Brannon has provided water safety instruction and education to over 4,000 youth participants annually. Ms. Brannon is a certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI) as determined by the American Red Cross. Ms. Brannon’s work experience includes serving on the teaching staff at both Shelby State Community College and the Methodist Health Systems Schools of Nursing as Instructor. Ms. Brannon formerly served as an aerobics full body assessment instructor in the Health and Wellness Department of Federal Express.

The WLF swim program involves physical techniques, verbal catch-phrases and fun, memorable songs to help students learn visually, auditory, and tactically. Lessons offered at Whole Life Fitness will have limited class space in order to insure the appropriate student/Instructor ratio. Water and pool safety will be provided in controlled learning environment to insure proper stroke development for each level of swimmer. Catherine has evolved her swim program over many years to become what it is today. Now she is still the loving wife and Mom but gets to enjoy teaching her 9 grandchildren to swim!! Teaching water safety instruction is her passion and her creed is that “Every Child Should and Can Learn to Swim”.




Core values: 
Strength, persistence, and loyalty

How would she help change the world? 
With Force

Meet Brooke and you’ve met a true Pieces Fire Tiger. She has true passion and energy for building her family fitness business as well as working with families and helping them stay fit! Brooke graduated from Louisiana State University with her BA in Mass Communication, Public Relations. After graduation Brooke moved to Austin, TX where she truly learned what it took to build a business. Brooke was the first hired employee of a prominent International Private school in Austin,TX. She was hired to recruit families and students as well as run the Marketing and Public Relations campaigns.

She left her role at the school, and literally her handprint as the Founding Director of Public Relations to pursue her dream of owning her own family fitness business. Her personable style set the tone of the Whole Life Fitness business. Brooke started her business with a dream (the pieces in her) but aggressively went after her dream (the tiger). Brooke watched her vision get fulfilled, and cheers her mom Catherine on from the sidelines these days after founding WLF. 

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